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decorative ink splatter
decorative ink splatter
Roslyn is performing at the Docklands Fire Festival, she is dressed in flowers and red-velvet and holds an adult audience's attention. There are lanterns and lights above her and she is caught mid-gesture.

Roslyn is a multi-faceted performer living in Melbourne Australia.

A Storyteller at heart, she weaves her tales across a range of arts, from acting and clowning, to cabaret and puppetry.

Starting with a bang and selling out her first show 'The Red Bird and Death' in 2012, Roslyn has made a name for herself bringing ethereal stories to life across Australia, and her props, puppets, and artworks have crept into many a show and home of others.

“Roslyn takes the audience on a journey that transforms the Docklands in to a mythological fantasy land, drawing inspiration from the city’s history and traditional folklore” Chloe Strahan, reporter – Docklands News

“If your favourite childhood stories walk on the wilder side, you’ll relish Roslyn Quin’s tales of monsters, crooks and devils set to music and puppetry.” – Melbourne City Weekly – Melbourne Fringe Festival – Top Cuts

“The best word to describe The Red Bird and Death is charming…both in the sense of bringing joy and enchanting us with its magic. Roslyn Quin was a shining presence exuding warmth, wisdom, and youthful good-humour.” – reviewer Katherine Phelps

“The sense that you get with Roslyn’s work is that the story is not just being related, it is being explored. There is humour and horror, fear and courage…and most of all a very recognisable and relatable humanity among her heroes and her villains. Even the ones covered in scales or fur.” – Alex, audience member review

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