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About Roslyn
An elderly tabby cat with iridescent eyes lounges on a earty-toned throw rug.

Roslyn is a storyteller, mixed media artist, and performer, residing in Melbourne, Australia.

Unsurprisingly she finds her regular work in the walls of a library, creating engaging programs for the community, especially early literacy programs which are a particular passion of hers, but she is no stranger to darker productions and more out-of-the-box challenges.

Wielding puppets and props of her own creation Roslyn uses the fantastical worlds of story to draw parallels with modern life and the nature of humanity. 


A passionate advocate for the environment and human rights, Roslyn is often seen working in liaison with charities, awareness campaigns, and direct action groups and is happy to donate her time to causes she believes in.

Now found living by a creek in the far east of Melbourne in a small house that looks like Dumbledore and Baba Yaga got drunk and fought over the interior design, Roslyn spends her spare time wandering in nature or searching for curios to add to her own costumes and props in antique stores.

She is the adopted keeper of an elderly mage in the form of a blind cat, called Soren.

Soren enjoys naps, pats, and grumbling at birds outside the window.

Work for Younger Audiences

From 'Family-friendly' activities at festivals and direct actions to celebrating special weeks at kindergartens, cafes, or schools, Roslyn loves creating performances (and matching activity sheets!) for kids.

She has also run workshops and consulted for authors and those who run children's programs on how to read engagingly to children - something very important for book tours and promotional readings!

Work for Older Audiences

Roslyn loves to create custom performances for any situation, from passionate presentations to folklore scholars, pieces in plays or cabaret shows to add atmosphere, to weaving tales historic celebrations and cultural festivals.

For her own works, Roslyn uses oral storytelling, performance, and mixed media to breathe life into the folkloric world and invite the characters within to come out and grasp onlookers by the hands, hearts, and minds.

She loves to explore the role of stories and narrative in society and the powerful mirror that even the oldest story can hold to a modern world.

Roslyn also enjoys acting in or collaborating on projects as broadly ranged as photography, performance, writing…and anything else you could dream up. 

Roslyn leans against an old oak tree and stares up with a smile. She is dressed brightly and is carrying picturebooks and a crocodile puppet
Roslyn dressed as a victorian-era travelling entertainer shakes hands with Matt Hood dressed as an evil alchemist, they both look solmn as if a nefarious plan has been agreed upon. From the play Jack and Jill. Photo by Flavio Bodrogi Photography
decorative ink splatter
decorative ink splatter
Art - Collage and Mixed Media

Drawing from a love of reinventing discarded paper and broken items, Roslyn uses a plethora of collage and mixed-media techniques to make her art.

Puppets, sculptures, collages, and interactive pieces all make their way from her workspace to new homes in theatres, private collections, or on to album covers .

In 2023 Roslyn held her first public solo art exhibition 'From Strange Places'.


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