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A multi-faceted artist, Roslyn uses collage and mixed media to create lush images inspired by old folklore and archaic amusements. Her work has grown from practical stage props, toys, and puppets into a more artistic expression while staying grounded in the whimsical engagement with the viewer.

Using found and recycled items is core to Roslyn’s art practice, as reframing discarded things into new and enticing pieces speaks not only to her passion for the environment, but for looking twice at what we as a society deem ‘useless’ or without value.

From Strange Pages

“We have everything but money” I remember my grandfather telling me in a treasure trove shed of tools, paints and oils. Outside the window I thought I saw a parade of odd creatures walking through the rain-soaked paddock.

I wanted to make things that belonged to the same world of those creatures; they felt like a song.
The same song as carousels, the rush of walking past a cemetery at night, the hush of a museum, or a really good story.

Now I have bills, a job, and a handful of diagnoses (which could explain a lot) but I still want to share that song. I hope you don’t mind.

In this exhibition, I wanted to explore the feeling of seeking wonder and community connection, something particularly relevant in a post-Covid society, especially shown in a community hub.

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