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Update on new adventures coming soon!

A multi-faceted artist, Roslyn uses collage and mixed media to create lush images inspired by old folklore and archaic amusements. Her work has grown from practical stage props, toys, and puppets in to a more artistic expression while staying grounded in the whimsical engagement with the viewer.

Using found and recycled items is core to Roslyn’s art practice, as reframing discarded things in to new and enticing pieces speaks not only to her passion for the environment, but for looking twice at what we as a society deem ‘useless’ or without value.

An ‘odd child’ from the very start, when her health started to falter Roslyn leant in to her artistic pursuits taking every community art class and joining creative projects left, right, and centre. When she was told that being a Storyteller was not a ‘real job’ she took that as a challenge and has been paying the bills with her tales (as well as puppets, art commissions, and other adventures) for twelve years and counting.

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